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About Us

Natural Options pride ourselves on producing quality supplements for your everyday needs. Each of our supplements is sourced from the finest whole foods and nutraceuticals combined to boost their nutritional effects. Above all, our aim is to create the most digestible and bioavailable products possible, to benefit your health and vitality. Our range of supplements is sourced and created using only the best quality ingredients. One of our goals is to provide only the best quality of products to support you in achieving your health goals.

Inclusive Supplements

It is our belief that supplements should be inclusive as possible. Therefore, our product range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We also take time to make sure that our tablets are completely allergen-free. Equally, we manufacture following the Halal Trust and Kosher certified guidelines.

Our Experience

With over 35 years worth of experience in the nutraceutical industry. We manufacture all our supplements at our UK site, allowing us to have complete control of the process. It is this that enables us to provide you with complete assurance that what you are receiving is exactly what is written on the label of your product. in research supported dosages

We Are Proud Of Our Supplements

Here at Natural Options, we are involved with the product from step one. We have an in-house dedicated research and development team. In addition to developing our products, this team is reviews literature research. The research allows us to review which ingredients work most effectively together. This means that our supplements are constantly reviewed and up to date. Because of this, we can provide you with the most effective dosages. All while we rule out any potential adverse effects. The Natural Options supplement contain a coating, to ensure no breakages. This is so that they are easier and safer to swallow, as well as protecting them throughout their shelf life. We believe that effectiveness is the primary consideration for every product developed under the Natural Options Banner.

Putting Our Supplements To The Test

We formulate to provide maximum effectiveness in products for everyone. Our research and development team design our products within the constrictions of research. Thus our supplements should be supported levels to the highest nutraceutical standards. Each of our product undergoes strict tests during the production phase. The testing allows us to determine many factors, such as weight, disintegration time and tablet hardness.

Featured Supplements

We believe food supplements and vitamins should be as inclusive as possible and available to all.